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Syringe ABG Arterial Blood Gas Sampler

• Exclusive three-step heparin spraying process

- A (Luer inner wall), B (0-0.5mL), C (0.5-1.6mL).

- Ensure that the blood is boundto heparin immediately after entering the syringe.

- Minimizes risk of clot formation in the sample.


• Excellent exhaust performance

- The large-area air-permeable hydrogel component can ensure rapid exhaust, rapid blood collection, and reduce bubbles and cavities in the sample.

• lmproved Analytical Workflow

- Advanced, dry-sprayed heparin formulations reduce potential for clots, to help with maximizing uptime.

- Minimal-interference heparin formulations are electrode-friendly, providing higher performance over longer period of time, with less maintenance.

• Enhanced User Safety and Convenience

- Easy-to-use needle safety sheath offers simple, one-handed, auto-locking operation to reduce needlestick exposure.

- Practical short bevel needle facilitates syringe positioning inside the artery to help avoid inadvertent puncturing of the anterior wall.

• Sampler with Accessories

Accurate blood gas test tests are critical for making treatment decisions,thus sample quality becomes the essential predetermined condition to obtain reliable and confident results.Inthis case, it is of paramount importance that your arterial sampling devices can maintain integrity of the collected blood sample.

Our comprehensive portfolio includes syringes and capillaries in multiple configurations can meet all of your arterial blood collection needs.

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