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2021 nAdd nucleic acid drugs enter the golden development period, and jointly discuss the drug properties, indications and carrier technology of small nucleic acids

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Recently, the "2021 nucleic acid drug development forum" co sponsored by yimaike and the life and Health Industry Development Management Office of Jiangbei new district, Nanjing was successfully held in Huayi Hotel, the Yangtze River boat, Nanjing. Experts and leaders from the scientific community, relevant policy departments, associations and industry have conducted in-depth discussions on the current hot spots and focus issues of nucleic acid drugs.

Nanjing Jiangbei new area management committee gave strong support to the holding of the conference. Chen Chuanmei, leader of Nanjing Jiangbei new area management committee, gave a speech for the opening of the conference. She had high expectations for the development of nucleic acid drugs in the future. She hoped that the enterprises participating in the conference could continue to forge ahead and improve technology, so that the sparks of ideas could gather here and burst out new ideas together. Jiangbei new area will provide more opportunities and platforms for Industry empowerment, and provide more possibilities for the field of innovative drugs.

Then, under the host's announcement, the conference officially began.

From 1999 to 2003, carrier technology was developed, and nucleic acid drugs developed. Especially last year, COVID-19 and RNA met the opportunities of the times. Nucleic acid drugs were considered to be the future super drugs. Carrier delivery technology has become the focus of research in recent years.

Chen Pu, founder of nattide biology and academician of the Canadian Academy of engineering, said on this topic: there are three milestones in the pharmaceutical field: 1. Chemical drugs, antibiotics, painkillers and antihypertensive drugs; 2. Protein targeted monoclonal antibodies, protein drugs of enzyme preparations; 3. After 20 years of rapid development, RNAi drugs or RNA based drugs have come to today. Currently, there are 2118 targets under research and development, and 419 cases of small nucleic acid drug indications are under research. Nucleic acid drugs are facing many challenges, such as how to escape from lysosomes? How to develop the efficacy for a long time?

Academician Chen Pu concluded: the future development prospect of small nucleic acid drugs should be to achieve higher delivery efficiency, better stability, and reduce miss and side effects.

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